Attrocious debut heroine in Kollywood

Much before she could get her first film released, the actress has created many problems in shooting schedule. The film titled ‘Innoruvan’ featured Manoha in female lead role and here goes the list of disturbias from her….

Actress Manaho before she could complete shooting for the film got more offers as her photos were released. So, she just acted as possessed by stomachache and took leave. It was so shocking for the entire team to see that she was fine filming for another movie.
On the shooting spots, actress got into fights with unit members and using her father’s (police inspector) power, a false casesuite was framed against Production Manager.

She even refused to wear sleeveless blouse for the song… To hug the hero for a song, she would bring the roof down. Her reason was so silly that her boyfriend used to wear the helmet and keep roaming around shooting spots. If he sees her involved in such shots, he would get boozed up and beat her upside down…

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