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Birthday – A Special Day of Immense Happiness & Joy

Birthday is a special day that brings joyful memories, happiness and limitless love from all your near and dear ones. A birthday is a natural day to gain power and receive blessings from the divine. Being an unforgettable day, it becomes even more special when it is a birthday of your dear children.

You are special! AstroVed wishes you a lot of happiness and joy on your birthday. Hence, to add to your immense delight and pleasure, we would like to make you feel more special and content on this once-a-year event. On your birthday, we will perform an Ayush fire lab for your health, overall prosperity and enlightenment in the coming year.

Remove Negative Karma on your Birthday

Your birthday is the day that commences your mortal relationship with this world and your life’s journey. According to Vedic astrology, your past life karma decides the planetary positions in your current life birth chart. Thus your actions determine your success or failure and your future.

AstroVed offers you an excellent opportunity to erase your past negative karma with divine techniques. Enjoy the powerful rituals designed on your birthday with divine blessings and success to negotiate this world both on a spiritual and material level.

Elite Power Rituals on Your Birthday

  • Individual Ayush Fire Lab (Live Interactive)
  • Light & Sound Ritual to Birthstar Lingam at Powerspot
  • Obstacle Removing Coconut Smashing Ritual (5 Coconuts)
  • Food Feeding for 7 People
  • Nakshatra Incense – 2 Boxes
  • Energized Shiva Shakti Mala

 Individual 9 Planets Fire Lab on Your Birthday

All the nine planets represent specific traits in your life. Sun is your soul and Moon is your mind, Mars shows your strength, Jupiter indicates knowledge, Venus indicates happiness, Rahu is your ego, and Saturn shows cause of grief. A special fire ritual for the planetary deities on your birthday when they are in a harmonious environment can gain you their grace and blessings.

Blessings of 9 Planets Fire Lab

Participate in the 9 Planets individual fire lab on your birthday to receive:

  • Happiness, peace, and success
  • Happy and contented married life
  • Sound health, overall prosperity, and contentment

Feed the Poor & Needy on Your Birthday

Feeding the poor and needy is an act of kindness and the easiest way to receive God’s grace. When you donate food to those in need, it elevates your soul.

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Order our Special Birthday Ritual Packages to Erase Your Old Karma and Gain Happiness, Health, and Success in Life

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