Asin’s frustrations towards gossip columnist

Actress Asin seems to be more drenched in despaired situation right from her ‘Ghajini Days’. The actress has been the centre of attraction for all gossip columnists that they don’t spare her linking with every Khan whom she has worked with. Earlier, the papers had published the news that Aamir Khan spends extra hours of time apart from shooting spots to teach her Hindi.

Now, it’s all about Salman and Asin as they have paired up together for ‘London Dreams’. As the film is ready to hit the screens shortly, buzzes are that both of them are in love. Asin says, “Both of us the star-casts for this film and good friends indeed… Somehow, working with Salman has made me learn few things. He does the gossips so seriously and I have been inheriting these aspects from him”.

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