Asin wants Good Directors

Asin wants Good Directors

After Asin was recently selected as one of the top heroines to watch out for in 2008 in a poll conducted by a national magazine, the actress has been flooded with offers even though her maiden venture in Hindi, Kajiri with Aamir Khan, is yet to be released.

According to the buzz in the industry, the pretty actress has signed three major Hindi films Ken Ghoshailm opposite Shahid Kapur, Sohail Khana musical venture with Salman Khan and the third is said to be Honey Irania film where she has been offered the role of Big B’s daughter. Apparently, this is also the reason why she has been diplomatically avoiding any ventures in Tamil.

When she was contacted, Asin admitted that these projects came her way but asserted that she had not signed any of them. “According to me any film that comes my way must fulfill seven criteria, this is something that I have been following since the time I made my debut.

The project should have an exciting script, my role should give me good scope to perform, a good director, supportive co-artistes, big banners, a popular music director and a reputed cinematographer. I know that I won a get a film that meets all these conditions, but even if it matches any four of them I would mind signing the film irrespective of the language in which it is made,” she explains.

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