Asin comes to Chennai for Fairever brand ambassadorship

It looks like the Asin’s way to Bollywood has been perpetually winning her more and more offers. It seems that the actress in no way had to maintain a low profile as she has been signing so many ad commercials and indeed as brand ambassadors.
It’s worth mentioning that the actress had previously signed the deal with a big price for TATA SKY and has now got on with famously known ‘Fairever Cream’. The newly added package of this cream includes a fairness indicator that will enable the customers to have a check on the skin improvisation.
The executive members of this brand were enthralled on Asin’s special visit to Chennai for promoting this product and have openly confessed that Asin’s role will have great vitality in their mission.
The media gathering was held recently in Chennai at Chola Sheraton Hotel.

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