Arjun goes for another change of heroine

No one is sure about what’s so happening with heroines of Arjun’s films. First, in his film Durai, actress Padmapriya was removed and Keerath replaced her. Now, the same scenario occurs in his other film titled ‘Thiruvannamalai’ directed by Perarasu and Kavithalaya Productions churning it out. Mumbai based model Saaniya Vahilai was chosen by Perarasu to star opposite Arjun in the female lead role, He wanted to rope in a new actress with the belief that there wouldn’t any problems with the call sheets as the leading actresses do so. But things were completely different once photo shoot of Arjun and Saaniya was over. Mumbai missy didn’t give call sheets to the director and kept delaying in signing as well she was irregular and late to the shooting spot.

So, it all landed up Perarasu in the decision of changing the heroine and pursuit for the new one is going on now…

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