Are Director Vijay and Piyaa in love??

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Gossips often pop up when an actor or filmmaker shoot the breeze with actresses. But when it’s turning to be factual that they are spotted together more often, it’s no more a gossip. Well if so, we have a young filmmaker and a gorgeous girl often meeting each other. They are none other than director Vijay of ‘Madharasapattinam’ fame and actress Piyaa.

Piyaa was introduced by Vijay in the film ‘Poi Solla Poram’ and from that time, she has been sharing a good relationship with him. Adding more intensity to the fact is that she is often found in the office of director Vijay.

Let’s hope, Vijay doesn’t make another film based on a true love story with a tragic ending. Good things should happen for Good guys indeed!!!

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