Are Arjun, Ajith, Mohan Lal & Sathyaraj ‘Actor’ or ‘performer’?

Are the terms ‘Actor’ and ‘Performer’ mean the same? Not at all, they have a great deal of difference. An actor is more concerned about his image on the screen and how their fans perceive him, whereas a performer is the one who never cares about his image and gets moulded to whatever role one plays. It may be the role of a protagonist, a character role and sometimes even negative role and a person can be termed as performer who can stand on any of these shoes.

In Bollywood, you see lots of performers including Bollywood Shehanshah Amitabh Bacchan, Hrithik Roshan, Ajay Devagan, Shahid Kapoor and many other leading actors who have played all sort of roles. But in Kollywood, all the actors are most of actors who are just able to do only with hero roles.

One such illustration would be Action King Arjun who refused to play role though it was the most demanding character in the film ‘Sarvam’ directed by Vishnuvardhan. Also Sathyaraj was offered to play negative role in Shankar’s Sivaji and didn’t want to take up the offer. Sathyaraj had a small and silly reason saying, “I didn’t want to take up the negative role since I would lose my image that was formed in Periyar”.

Even Mohan Lal refused to play negative role in Vishnuvardhan’s film and what about Ajith? How can we see this charming actor in negative role? Well, it’s not about playing negative role, but he refused to shave his head for the film Ghajini and this is something ridiculous to hear it from a leading actor.

In these aspects, I have few stars that despites being regarded as choco-chap of filmdom have turned playing down negative role. Probably we are sure you would have known them well, Abbas and Prasanna. These guys had crazy fans and set to be a heartthrob among missies. However, with more boldness they never considered these things and all that they thought of was a strong characterization to perform. Performance of Abbas in Saadhu Miranda and that of Prasanna in Anjathey are the talks of the town now.

On this part, I feel delighted to mention about Vijay. With enormous titles ‘Ilayathalapathy’ and ‘Naalaiya Superstar’ conferred on him, he didn’t feel it as a great deal to perform negative role in his previous flick ‘Azhagiya Tamizh Magan’. Never mind about the success and failure and its director who is supposed to be blamed. Vijay had indeed gained more credits on the negative role more than that of his role of protagonist.

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