Aravind sustained 30 injuries during Laadam shooting

Director Prabhu Solomon says that Aravind has sustained not less than 30 injuries during the shoot of the film Laadam. He says,” The hero Aravind’s character in this film is that he pokes his nose in unnecessary matters and ends up being battered at the last. I asked Arvind to act in stunt scenes without using a dupe for which he readily agreed without any hesitation. Because of this he had sustained several injuries. There was a scene where he had to jump from a tree. He did this scene without using a dupe. There was no mattress below him. He jumped but unfortunately his leg was fractured and he had a severe neck injury. He was advised one month complete rest.

After this we shot a car racing sequence in Hyderabad. He fell of the car during the shoot and sustained injuries in his leg and hands. During a fight sequence in smudgy place, gutter water entered his mouth. He started vomiting severely and he was admitted in the hospital for treatment. In one of the action sequences he has to push wooden logs. These logs fell on his leg and bleeding started oozing from his toes. There were so many precarious stunts in this film and Aravind has excelled in all these scenes. He has taken so many pain and risk to do justice to his role. He has sustained more than 30 injuries while shooting for this film Laadam. The shooting was delayed because of his injuries.”

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