Arasaangam record break audio sales

Arasaangam starring Vijayakanth, Navneeth Kaur and Seril Brindo in the lead role is slated to release during the month of April. But we have something different and special about this movie. In the entire history of Tamil Film Industry for over this period 75 years, orders for 1.5 Lakhs of Audio CDs and Cassettes have been witnessed by this film.

Speaking about this film, Producer L.K.Sudhish says that it was possible through the co-operation of Vijayakanth Fans Club and party members of DMDK. Also he mentioned that around 1,500 copies of Audio CDs and Cassettes are in demand from Andaman and Nicobar.

Audio for the film will be launched probably by the end of this month and film will hits screens by the mid of next month. The film is directed by R.Madesh and Venkatesh handles camera while Antony is the editors and Srikanth Deva composes music.

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