AR Rahman to launch the audio of ‘LAKE OF FIRE’ by Omantra Films in association with Qutub-e-Kirpaa

'LAKE OF FIRE' Audio Launch Event Stills (12)

Lake of Fire is a Hollywood feature film directed by Raj Thiruselvan and its music has been composed by Qutub-e-Kirpaa. Chief guest, Mr. AR Rahman, will launch the album on 4th March 2017, 4 pm at KM College of Music and Technology. The composers of Lake of Fire will also perform live after the audio launch.

About Omantra Films

Omantra Films is an inspired hybrid: a mix of vision, voices, consciousness and belief’s that synergistically feed each other. Journeying east and west, our narratives uncover both first and developing world perspectives. Our films create the medium for cultural transformation by broadening the viewer’s scope of alternatives, questioning what in it is best to contribute to a contemporary life. We introduce the difference in culture not to prove that one is better than the other, but rather to find our likeness. Omantra is committed to collaborating with religious scholars, anthropologists, scientists, historians, philosophers, artists and people from around the globe for the purpose of unique and innovative media content. This complexity opens an in-between hybrid space, a collision of divergent yet parallel characters, themes, spiritualities and visual styles. At this Intersection, Omantra joins the emergence of global cinema narratives which seek undiscovered histories and lesser world voices. This offers International distributors new terrain available in several languages, such as English, Hindi, Tamil and Arabic.

About Qutub-E-Kirpaa

Qutub-E-Kirpaa is an ensemble of student musicians of A. R. Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory. They have been co-credited with A. R. Rahman for the background scores of O Kadhal Kanmani and 24. Now they have been working in 2017 Shankar’s high budget venture starring Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar 2.0

About the film:

The story of Lake of Fire follows the lives of two teenagers, Max and Maggie, the town misfits. Physically and socially they are total opposites but in spite of their differences and perhaps because of them, the two outcasts grow to become best friends, and all through school they help each other over the rough spots and lend a shoulder to cry on when needed. Eventually the relationship between Max and Maggie develops into love, and as far as Max and Maggie are concerned life couldn’t get any better. Maggie receives a track scholarship to college and Max has the girl of his dreams. But things have a way of changing. Before Maggie goes away to school, she is summoned to Max’s father’s office for a talk. It is during this talk with Pastor Gibbs, that deep dark secrets are learned and Max and Maggie’s lives are turned upside down.
Cast: Christopher Atkins, Kandra King, Parvesh Cheena



1. We Party All Night
Music Composed and Programmed by: N.D.Santhosh
Singer: Alisha Thomas
Lyrics: Alisha Thomas
Mixed by: Pradeep Menon

2. Soul is in pain
Music composed and produced by: Parag Chhabra
Singers: Poorvi Koutish
Lyrics: Sunaina Benne
Mixed by: Sivakumar S and Suresh Permal

3. Walk You All Along
Music Composed and arranged by: Sachin Shankor Mannath
Singers: Poorvi Koutish, Marvellous Vish
Lyrics: Sunaina Benne
Rap Lyrics: Marvellous Vish
Mixed by: Sivakumar S and Suresh Permal

4. Have You Ever Wondered
Music Composed and programmed: Jerry Silvester Vincent
Singers: Arjun Chandy and Lavita M. Lobo
Lyrics: Sunaina Benne
Additional Lyrics: Pranav Nigam
Mixed by: Sivakumar S and Suresh Permal

5. Lake of Fire
Music Composed and programmed by A.H. Kaashif
Singer: Rianjali
Lyrics: Rianjali
Mixed by Pradeep Menon

6. Kanavugal Palithidum
Music Composer: Isshrathquadhre
Lyrics: Isshrathquadhre and Kutti Revathi
Mixed by Suresh Permal

Musicians and programmers:
Guitars: Josh Mark Raj,
Strings: Sunshine orchestra Conducted by Srinivasmurthy
“Walk You All Along” programmed by Arun VargheseGenre
Recording Engineers:
A.M Studios: Sivakumar S, Pradeep Menon, Manoj Raman, Karthik Mano
K.M Studio: Vilva
All songs Mixed and Mastered at A.M Studios, Chennai, India

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