AR Rahman Tere Bina in Hollywood film

ar rahman

It’s not just AR Rahman who is demand in Hollywood; even his tunes are. We’re referring to films that do not feature the Oscar winner as a composer, but have his music in them. The latest in that line is the soon-to-bereleased computer-animated film Planes that will feature Rahman’s Tere Bina from Guru. The song is said to have been used at a place when the Taj Mahal is shown on screen.

This is not the first time that the composer’s tunes have been used in a Hollywood film. His popular Chaiya Chaiya from Dil Se… was used prominently in a scene in Denzel Washington’s Inside Man. The Bombay theme music has been used in Nicolas Cage’s crime war film, Lord of War.

And, the Tamil melody — Swasamae… from Kamal Haasan’s Tenali — has been used in The Accidental Husband, a 2008 movie, starring Uma Thurman and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

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