A.R. Rahman meets Media Channels

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Winning laurels across the World on various prestigious awards, A.R. Rahman returned Chennai day before yesterday where he met media channels. It was around 4 p.m. where A.R. Rahman appeared at Green Park Hotel. He was quite smiling at the photographers who were rushing and dampening on each other to click the best photographs. The first question put forth on him was that what are the traits of fetching the Oscar Awards? And he said, ‘Motivation and proper planning alone helps in succeeding. It’s more illustrious with the photographers over here. If you had planned for a better working, you wouldn’t jumping on each other’.

He further added that as the bridge between Tamil Film Industry and Oscars is created now, youngsters should be inspired by this and start working with their own styles. Has he planned to get into politics? Definitely not, but he started working on his TRUST that will focus on eliminating poverty throughout the whole World where none will struggle from hunger.

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