Anushka says no to ‘temples’ now

Don’t presume that Anushka is an atheist and she doesn’t make her way to temples at any cost. Of course, she’s a staunch believer of spirituality and never intends to miss any prayers. Precisely, the actress has said, ‘No’ to fans who wanted to raise a temple for her.

It’s worth mentioning that earlier Anushka had no interests in commencing ‘fans club’. In spite of her fans requesting her ardently, the actress didn’t let any rooms for that. Likely in the same manner, the fans had approached her recently to build a temple for her. But being a perfectionist in delivering best performances in all her films, Anushka said she doesn’t deserve such high appraisals and has got long way to go.

So nice of you, Anushka! Keep going ahead and make your best.

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