Anushka never asked any salary !


Anushka never asked any salary !

Anushka is known for her skin show and her glamorous physique. But recently she acts in character oriented roles. ‘Baahubali’, ‘Rudhramadevi’ has portrayed Anushka as a brave queen. Now for ‘Size Zero’ the actress has increased 20 Kilos and she was seen in obese looks.

From Rajamouli to Samantha, most of them have praised Anushka’s transformation. Now from bankable sources we hear that Anushka has never got a single penny as her salary from PVP Pictures. The source says, Anushka is planning to get a particular area before the release as her salary. But Anushka deserves all praises as she worked so much for a movie without thinking about remuneration.

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