Anushka cares a damn for Vijay

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Anushka is stiff faced these days maybe because of the hangover of Arundhathi. Anushka had given seven days call sheet for a song sequence in the film Vetaikaran. As per her schedule she had completed the seven days work as per her commitment. But the director requested her to stay for one more day in order to complete the entire song. She refused by saying,” I had given seven days call sheet and you should have completed the song within the stipulated period. Now at this last moment, I cannot cancel my trip.” So the director who felt that she might listen to Vijay who is doing the lead role in this film requested Vijay to speak to her.

Anushka who was in the verge of her anger controlled herself when Vijay spoke to her. She told him,” Sorry sir. I have given call sheet for seven Telugu films. It will be a great mistake if I don’t go there. I have not spoilt my name there in call sheet matters so far. If I stay here for one day my name will be definitely be spoilt there. I hope you can understand this.” Vijay also understanding her plight could do nothing more to stop her.

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