Anuksha paid 1Crore for bikinis

It makes us so wondering whether producers of Telugu Cinema are so generous in shelling out money for getting to watch their heroines walk in bikinis. Earlier, it was Ileana who is ready to wear even kerchief for her top and bottom if she is paid high amount. Precisely speaking, she has nothing special and unique style of acting. All that she is paid is only for acceptance of wearing any costumes offered by directors and producers. Following her is actress Anuksha who is getting closely paid equal to Ileana for her next film for the same reason.

It’s the remake of Billa where Prabhas plays the lead role and earlier Nayanthara was offered to play the same role. Well, doubting whether this film would do well or not, Nayan refused to take up this offer and also she had no plans about walking in Bikinis again. Anuksha has agreed to walk in bikinis and demanded for Rs. 1Crore for which producers of the film have agreed.

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