Anjali is hiding in Germany ?


Gossips :
Kollywood is currently buzzing with reports that Actress Anjali is currently in hiding in Germany.

The south-indian actress who became rather famous after her disappearing act was recently issued a non bailable warrant after failing to show up in the court even after several notices. The case was ironically filled by same director who introduced Anjali to the cine field namely Kalanjiyam.
Mystery shrouds over the current whereabouts of Anjali, Certain reports pointed that Anjali had married an popular politician however the actress did refute those rumors through her PRO. Now the latest report on Anjali is no matter how hard the directors try to contact the heroine they are just unable to reach her and stopped making efforts to sign the actress which could spell out the end of actress career.
Hope Anjali finally comes out and unravels all the mystery.

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