Anegan Movie Music Review


The duo of Harris Jayaraj and KV Anand has so far never failed to surprise us. ‘Ayan’, ‘KO’, ‘Maatraan’ were Musical chart-busters. Now, they have teamed up again for yet another time. Let’s see whether ‘Anegan’ has fulfilled the expectations

1. Danga Maari Oodhari

This is a pucca North Madras ‘Kuthu’ song. An unexpected local number from Harris Jayaraj. The entire theatre is sure to burst out for this particular number. Rokesh has penned the lyrics. Dhanush, Marana Gana Viji and Naveen Madhava have sang this song. The tune goes down a bit in middle, then the Nadaswaram slow beat gives a nice pause and then again gearing up to the maximum is sure to rock.

2. Roja Kadale

A pleasant melody with Shankar Mahadevan’s crystal clear voice. Vairamuthu’s lyrics which spells “kadale, Magalae, Kaniye, Thaniyae” , “Thunaiyae, Maniyae, Uyirae, Arugae” add spices to the music. Chimayi’s mesmerizing voice is so catchy. But sometimes with repetition in rhthym we feel the same thing till the end.

3. Aathaadi Aathaadi

Ilayaraja’s daughter Bhavatharani has sang this song in her lead voice. Yet again, ‘Padma Bhushan’ Vairamuthu has penned the lyrics. Lead singers, Tippu and Dhanush (Actor) also have rendered their voices. It’s just a soulfum relaxation number.

4. YOLO – [You Only Live Once]

Director CS Amudan has transformed to be a lyric writer with this song. This is the first ‘Dub-step’ fusion song from Harris Jayaraj. It’s good to see Harris has upgraded himself to the current trend. Ramya’s voice is enchanting.

5. Thoduvaanam

An instant hit. Some songs makes us fall in love on first hearing. This is one such song. You fall in love as soon as you hear it. This number is wisely used bvy Harris. The BGM goes blatantly without voice, then the BGM goes along with the voice. Sure to be the pick of the album. Hariharan and Shaktishree gopalan’s voice are additional positives

6. Deivangal Ingae

This is a short yet powerful one. What makes this song special is the humming towards the end of the song. Sriram Parthasarathy is at his best and Vairamuthu has yet again taken care of the lyrics.

Overall, the magic of Harris and KV Anand still remains !


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