An end to rumor pertaining Marmayogi

Oops! Lots of rumors and buzzes about Kamal Haasan’s Marmayogi and Pyramid Saimira couldn’t spare it as things went extremely uncontrollable. Media Channels starting making their own stories about the synopsis, star-casts and perhaps changing the producers itself. To sort out these bruits, P.S. Swaminathan of Pyramid Saimira and Kamal Haasan have come up with their joint declaration about the film. It has been confirmed that the film Marmayogi is a tri-lingual in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu and plans are to produce this film indigenously in English too. Getting on with the budget, Producer Swaminathan has said that he wouldn’t be able to precisely mention the exact cost of the project.

As on with the story, it’s completed penned by Kamal Haasan and he himself would be directing it apart from playing lead role. Produced as a joint venture of Pyramid Saimira International Limited and Raj Kamal International Ltd, a formal agreement has been signed between both the parties. A detailed planning about the project including the finalization of star-cast and other crewmembers are going on at a phrenetic level.

On both the aspects of cinematic as well technical, this film would surely strive to elevated the standard of Indian Cinema at the International Standard.

Kamal Haasan who is more disappointed with certain media channels for publishing fake news about Marmayogi. In his letter to those journalists who have penned rumors, he has conveyed his message that its not fair on the part of reporters by gaining popularity over rubbish news. Making the film ‘Marmayogi’ so successful is not just in his hands or of Pyramid Saimira, but media channels too posses the duty of carrying on the film to the successful level. So, if they are in need of any news about this film, Kamal Haasan has mentioned that he would let it know through proper medium….

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