An end to atrocity of Kollywood stars

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Actor Vijay, Vishal and Silambarasan have been the troublemakers for all the distributors as well producers in town now. Earlier, these actors used to sign agreements with producers that is inclusive of their remuneration and city rights. At that time, there wasn’t any issues regarding this as the remuneration of all these actors were somewhere around Rs. 2-4Crores. However now, with their salaries being hiked to Rs. 8-9Crores, it’s been a great loss for producers as well distributors.

Actor Vijay, one of the leading actors in Kollywood gets paid with Rs. 7Crores. Perhaps, he has been taking city rights for past few years. Glimpse back into his previous projects, post Ghilli. Not of them were at least moderate hits except Pokkiri. With the producers paying such high amounts, they seem to witnessing high loss.

Speaking on this, one of the leading distributor says that profits can be taken back within just 2 weeks. As the actors take up the city rights, they pay high amounts to theatres getting their film run for successful 100 days. But in reality, it’s just a matter of 2 weeks where a film can be determined hit or loss.

It’s the same with Vishal’s Satyam… In Vishal and his brother Vikram Krishna were the producers of the film. It was a worst ever film of this year and we wondered how come it crossed 100 days. Similarly, Simbhu too has been treading on the same paths as he has been forcing producers to get the city rights including this week release ‘Silambattam’.

What a pathetic actor they are? Not able to churn a good film and perhaps, pushing producers and distributors into pits of disaster…

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