Ameer’s Sweet Home is a Gym now

Many directors turned into actors and that was quite surprising for some time and the mania got down as each and every filmmaker following the same trend. And then came the fever of six packs and Shah Rukh Khan was the first one to develop it for the film Om Shanthi Om. Oops! Soon after watching his film, our Kollywood celebrities fastened up on their heels of achieving six packs. The issue reached the peak as many of the celebrities started up with their self-publicity of posting their images depicting them in six packs.

Though Director Ameer wants to be unique in whatever he does, but nothing could stop him about six packs. Playing lead role in the film Yogi, Director Ameer has transformed his entire house into a hi-fi gym and has got the equipments worth Rs.5Lakhs. So be ready for the pictures that Ameer would soon it and many of our friends would be fixing on the front covers of magazines…

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