Amalapaul talks about her one crore salary


On acting alongside a newcomer in Havish ?
“When I sign a film, the hero is the last thing on my mind. My focus is on the script and my role. When I look back at my career, I want to be satisfied with what I have done and so far, I am happy with the decisions I have made.”.

On the reports of one crore salary for the film ?
“I think every heroine’s pay cheque is getting fatter and we’re paid what we deserve, Most part of the film will be shot abroad and I had to allocate bulk dates, so let’s leave it at that. Besides, I have never understood the concept of A-list, B-list celebrities. Acting gives me a sense of purpose and I don’t really think too much about other aspects.”

On why she chose the film ?
“I completely fell flat for the script of Vastha Nee Venuka. My character, Chaitra, who lives in Paris, is someone who is straight forward, wild, fun loving and doesn’t believe in love. The story revolves around three characters and I really liked the way director Ramesh Varma, the director, wrote the love story in the film. I believe that I can live that role, instead of just acting it. It’s totally me. Moreover, it’s a welcome break from the girl-next-door roles I’ve been playing of late.”

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