‘Am I playing Surpanaka? Sounds weird’ – actress Priyamani

Priyamani is slightly rising to the peaks of well-renowned actress merely with couple of films: Paruthiveeran and Malayalam movie ‘Thiraikadha’. But now, she has got yet another key to successful stardom and that’s bilingual version of Manirathnam’s ‘Raavana’. The film is all set to be completed within next schedule and Priyamani has been exalting with cheerful moods on this endeavor. She’s sure about winning laurels for this astounding film by Manirathnam.

But on the pars, the actress seems to be quite perplexed with media channels spreading rumors about her role of enacting Surpanaka. Priyamani says, “Of course, it’s a film based on the mythological epic of ‘Ramayana’, but that doesn’t mean I am intended to play the role of Surpanaka. In fact, there isn’t such kind of role.”