‘Am I crazy to walk out?’ – Vishal shouts

Nobody could’ve spotted actor Vishal so frustrated much before, even when everyone entitled his ‘Sathyam’ with worst reviews. Now the actor is so jubilant for fetching the offer of director Bala in his next film ‘Avan Ivan’.

The film has Aarya alongside Vishal in lead role and Yuvan Shankar Raja scores music. The film is all set to get-go shortly by February and will be completed within next 6months. Unlike Bala’s previous films, this one will be a comedy entertainer subjected to a practical theme.

But, the actor was blown out of waters after reading a rumor which said, “Vishal walks out of Bala’s film due to his unconvincing characterization…” Apparently, Vishal has yells out saying, ‘Am I crazy to miss out such a nice offer. I have been yearning for such roles and am really grateful to Bala sir for offering me this character…”

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