All India Film Employees Federation Conference inaugurated

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The 9th All India Film Employees Federation Conference (AIFEC) was inaugurated last evening at Chennai Trade Centre and it’s worth mentioning that the occasion is happening over herein Chennai after 30 years.

The inauguration ceremony witnessed coming together of various bigwigs of Indian Film Industry: K Balachander, Rajesh Khanna, Kamal Hassan, Dasari Narayan Rao, Dharmesh Tiwari and others lit the inaugural lamp in the presence of Chief guest Sri Jagatharakshagan, Deputy Minister of I & B, Government of India, VC Guhanathan and entire members of FEFSI Association.

Speaking on the occasion, Superstar Rajesh Khanna revealed about his close connection with Chennai while Kamal Haasan expressed his view on commencing a proper technical institution of training our technicians and K. Balachandar on stopping the video piracy as well appoint a jury member from AIFEC in selection committee of National Awards.

From today, there would be grand cultural events by film stars to raise funds for the FEFSI Association…