‘All I need is 6 ½ Crores to make it’- Thankar Bacchan

Í have been carrying the script with full-bounded screenplay in my car so as to present it to anyone who comes on my way….’says Thankar Bacchan. The maverick filmmaker has been striving to make a film based on the problems faced by Eelam Tamilians. He had already titled the film as ‘Thai Veedu’ and approached every actor in town except Rajnikanth and Kamal Haasan.

But the auteur is so frustrated that none of them accepted his offer and yet simply raise their voice at dais of protest meet.

Adding more, Thankar Bacchan says, “All I need is Rs. 6 1/2 Crores to complete the project and the story is set in backdrops of 4 Countries…’ But the filmmaker is still confident that one day, he’ll have manna falling down from heaven.

He assures that soon after watching this film, every audience will transcend as revolutionaries…

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