Alazgan Tamizh Mani produces a film after a long time

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Alazgan Tamizh Mani who donned the role of Arya’s father in Bala’s Nan Kaduval is producing a film after a long time. Alazgan Tamizh Mani had produced films like Malayoor Mamattiyan, Anbulla Rajnikanth, Solai Kuyil and Dharmapathini apart from producing TV serials. Tamizh Mgan while speaking to the media said, “Director Bala had given me an important role in Nan Kaduval. Now the film has been released and people are lauding for my action. I am thanking Bala for this.

After this film I am acting as Sunaina’s father in the film Yathumagi, directed by a newcomer Balakumar. After a long time I am producing a film titled Othaiku Othai, to be directed by Sanjay Ram. My son Ajay Krishna is doing the lead role in this film. I am also producing a remake of a Telugu film Chinnodu which is being directed by Kanmani”.

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