Akshay Kumar frustrated with Trisha

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Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar had no idea about opting Trisha as his pair in ‘Khatta Meeta’. But it was all due to his director Priyadarshan that he accepted to sign her for the female lead role. However, the actress has been so overconfident that the Bollywood actors will let her go as it happens in Kollywood. Akshay Kumar has expressed his anxiety over Trisha’s irresponsibility. ‘She is just a newcomer and yet remains so careless without joining the promotional campaign for this film’ says Akshay Kumar.

Khatta Meeta is a soft romantic comedy with Akshay Kumar and Trisha playing the lead roles. The film is hitting screens tomorrow with more prints. Since, Akshay Kumar’s previous films were terrible flops; the actor is desperately in need of a hit and wanted Trisha to be so active for these promotional activities.

Akshay who had signed Trisha for another 2 films is rethinking about casting her in his other films.

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