Akhil plays a pickpocket in his next


Director Thirumavalan, who has earlier directed Venmani and Ajanta (in all the four south Indian languages), is excited about his next film. Titled Dhanush 5am Vaguppu, the film stars Akhil, Ashitha (of Isakki fame) and K R Vijaya in the lead.
The director says, “These days, both the parents work so that they can provide a comfortable life for their family. But, at times, the couple are faced with ego clashes — either because of their position at office or the salary they earn. What they fail to realize is their quarrels have a negative impact on their kids. The film is about one such family. Dhanush, a class five student, is unable to come to terms with the fact that all’s not well between his parents.”
Akhil comes as a pickpocket, who is instrumental in influencing the child, and shares a special bond with him. “Veteran actress K R Vijaya plays the role of the kid’s grandmother, and her character is integral to the script. We are happy she agreed to play the role as soon as we narrated the script,” he says.