Akhil hopes to break the jinx


Akhil, the discovery of none other than Balaji Shaktivel, who had a dream debut in Kaloori, is yet to make a mark in K’town. The good looking actor is pinning all his hopes on his forthcoming film, Rettai Vaalu. The actor has teamed up with Saranya Nag for Rettai Vaalu, which is based on a true life incident and directed by Desika, who has worked as an assistant to Shakti Chidambaram, Thambi Ramaiah and others. “I have a solid role through which to display my acting abilities. I am hoping that the film will give me the much needed b r e a k , “ Akhil told KT.

D e s i k a says, “The story is based on a real life character who lives in Chennai.

My hero, Akhil, is addressed as Vaalu (in the film), w h i c h means `a person who is very naughty’. So the title Vaalu is apt for my flick. Later, when problems cropped up with another film by the same title, the Producers’ Council called and asked me to cooperate. Hence, I changed my film’s title to Rettai Vaalu, and in a way, this also goes well with the script as both the lead characters are mischievous. This has a larger message for the youth of today.“ Sona appears in a role with grey shades. There’s a liplock between the lead pair, and the buzz is that both Akhil and Saranya refused to be part of it.
But later, Desika convinced them, explaining the crucial nature of the scene, revealed a unit source