What is Ajith’s Look at Gautham Menon Film ?


There has a buzz going around for a quite a while now that Ajith might bid goodbye to the famous salt and pepper look for his next film with Gautham Vasudev Menon. However sources now reveal that Thala is actually quite keen on retaining it and he was actually clear about retaining this style right from the beginning of the project.

A source close to the actor says, “Of late, Ajith has decided to take up roles that suit his age. He knows that he cannot play a college student anymore. Also, he thinks that the salt-pepper is not a look for a film, but one that reflects his real self.”

Though Ajith is indeed hitting the gym for the particular film, the source clarified that he will he will not be sporting a six-pack or eight-pack.

The source adds, “As it is an action film, Ajith is currently working out to tone his physique. He will be shedding a couple of kilos to suit the character he plays.”

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