Ajith has a Terrific Screen Presence – Tamannah


What do you usually do on New Year’s day?
I ensure I don’t celebrate New Year in the same place every year. I always spend the special day with my family but in different locations. I don’t repeat the celebrations as well. Last time, I had a small party at home and this year, I’m sure not to repeat it. I want my every New Year celebration to be unique and memorable.

What do you wish for yourself in 2014?
I wish a healthy year for me. Health is everything in life according to me. If you are unwell you cannot enjoy anything in life.

Have you ever made a New Year resolution?
I find them hard to keep, so I don’t make resolutions at all. I think they are practically difficult to maintain. I have tried making one during my school days, but it didn’t work.

Tell us one New Year resolution that you would never like to make…
Getting up to the first ring of an alarm clock in the morning, without going for the snooze button. (laughs)

Will we get to see you in a lot of Tamil films this year?
Definitely. The Kollywood audience will get to see me in a bunch of films this year. I am discussing a lot of scripts in Tamil, and I might sign a few this year. I have already signed the bilingual, Mahaabali, directed by Rajamouli. And, my first release of the year is going to be Veeram.

How excited are you about Veeram?
Veeram is a very big film in my career as I am cast opposite Ajith in the film. It was a great opportunity for me to share screen space with a person who has a terrific screen presence. I felt grounded after working with Ajith. I am looking forward for this mega release for Pongal. This film will set the tone of my career in Tamil films this year. I feel I have an amazing year ahead.

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