Ajith is my Inspiration – Singer Krish


INSPIRATIONS Ajith. He is the epitome of success who created a name for himself. He is the perfect man. I always wanted to become an actor.
But becoming a singer was an extra qualification that became my livelihood. If I had to choose one person who motivates me, that would be my wife. Her support has helped me tremendously. CAREER HIGH When Unnale Unnale released. My song was number one for quite sometime. It’s something I think about all the time and reminisce.
AUTOMATIVE INCLINATION I would love to get my hands on a Bentley . I fell head over heels with it -the Continental Super Sport -when I visited the Bentley showroom in the U.
FAVOURITE HOLIDAY DESTINATION Switzerland. The Alps, the snow and sights are something that we look forward to revisiting every year.
CURRENT PROJECT I am currently working on a film that should be out this November. It’s going to be a pretty good film, a romance for the whole family . It has no comedy, no fights.

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