Ajith dig at corrupt politicians


Actor Ajith is one person who is up to date with the current affairs and the recent hike in fares and the service tax has upset him. He has expressed his concern as to as a nation where are we heading to. He felt that instead of hiking the fares and taxing the successful, the corrupt leaders should take out the swindled money and use it for development. If they do so, India should have been one of the richest and developed nations in the world. He has said that the corrupt politicians have done much more damage to India than the British. He also has mentioned that a quote by Winston Churchill has become relevant for the country. When the British were about to give freedom to India, Churchill has said that the country will fall in the hands of rogues and low calibre people and will fight with each other and taxes will be levied on each and everything. The actor feels that the quote is relevant to current state of affairs of the country.

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