Ajith and Vijay drenched in confusion

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Ajith Kumar and Vijay getting are certain on getting their 50th film successfully. In fact, long time search for best directors were going on. Finally, Vijay has found his perfect match with ‘Jeyam’ Raja. As you all know, both Vijay and Jeyam Raja are ‘King of Remakes’ and it’s more illustrious with films in their career. It would be a difficult task for naming more than 2 films even for a fan to mention Vijay’s successful film not being a remake. Similarly, ‘Jeyam’ Raja hasn’t risked himself without a single direct film in his career and the entire family boasts about it.

So, there are more possibilities for the Remake Kings to strike Gold in box office.

Getting on with Ajith Kumar, his last three films have been complete remakes. Eventually, unlike Vijay he isn’t so successful with remakes. Except Billa, his other two films ‘Kireedom’ and ‘Aegan’ hadn’t witnessed good results. At the moment, waiting for his ‘ASAL’ with Saran, he has already planned for his 50th film. Earlier, he had discussions with Venkat Prabhu and Ashok Amritraj at a Five Star Hotel in Chennai. Well, sources had revealed the team will be remaking Hindi’s successful blockbuster ‘Race’. But now, it’s just disappeared in the air. Ajith Kumar till now feels a lot for missing his ‘Ghajini’ with Murugadoss. In fact, with the Hindi version going for a stunning response across the globe, it has made him regret about it (Earlier titled as ‘Mirattal’). With all the leading superstars Salman, Shah Rukh working on their projects, Murugadoss would take some more time in getting back to Bollywood. Perhaps, he has now planned about a Kollywood ride with either Surya or Ajith Kumar. Since Surya has already couple of films’ shooting ready, Ajith Kumar is his only option. But will Ajith Kumar miss this opportunity again? It’s a million dollar question.

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