Agam Puram in deep trouble in mid sea

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Agam Puram crew was stuck in mid sea for more than 3 hours due to engine repair in the ship they cruised. Thirumalai is directing Agam Puram after Thee Nagar. Shyam and Meenakshi are in the lead roles. Sundar C Babu is composing the music for this film. The shooting of the film is taking in Malaysia for the last one month. The crew sailed in a cruise ship to shoot a song sequence. Shyam was accompanied by Director Thirumalai, Cinematographer and other assistant directors.

When the ship was in mid sea, there was engine failure. Since the cell phone were out of range message could not be sent to he shore. So the crew was stuck in the mid sea for more than 3 hours. Fortunately they were rescued by a boat which happened to pass that way. When asked Thirumalai about this he said, “ It is true that we were stranded in the mid sea. But we were saved because it was day time. But we would have been in great trouble if it was night.”

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