Actress Suja Varunee about her new Telugu Flick


24 frames (lakshmi manchu productions)
movie name -Dusukuveltha

Actress suja varunee says, “Dusukuveltha is my latest commitment in Telugu which is producing by Lakshmi manchu. Her Brother vishnu manchu is playing hero Role and lavanya is doing heroine part. its afamily oriented film. lots of artists are there inthe film. kotta srinivas, annapoorna, ali, vinila kishore, veerababu…. i Am doing kotta sir”s last daughter role. my character in the film is Royal and so arrogant.. i rule everyone at home.. its interesting and promising role. moreover I am doing my second movie with lakshmi manchu mams Banner. i am enjoying my new avatar in telugu industry also am improving my acting skill with some stylish activity in thi smovie”..

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