Actress Sneha finally out from wretchedness

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No wonder! Beautiful girls are always prone to problems and especially girls like Sneha are no exception. The actress has been severely harassed by a stranger for past 8 months. Settled in Bangalore, a 35-yrs old Real Estate entrepreneur Raghavendra seems to had been constantly troubling Sneha to marry him.

It started off with a casual message where Sneha felt that it would be her fan playing prank on her. But later, things turned to be worst as he kept messaging her at least 60 times a day, visiting her at shooting spots and calling her frequently. Although, she changed her number, he used to get the number from his close associates in film industry.

Sneha lodged a complaint that he has been messaging her vulgarity bounded texts and threatened to marry him or else he would kill anyone who marries her.

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