Actress Sana Khan’s greatest challenge

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Actress Sana Khan had been continually victimized for her improper spell of Tamil fluently on the sets of ‘Thambiku Indha Ooru’. Earlier, the actress was taught that ‘Ungala Enakku Romba Pidichirukku’ is nothing means ‘How are you?’ The entire team kept silently without revealing her the real meaning of it. Later, as the actress came through it, she has challenged that she would teach Tamil much before filming for this project is over. The entire unit is so excited about her challenge and also has informed that she is fast learning Tamil now.

In order to utter the dialogues so doggedly, she writes them in Tamil and does it fluently. The actress also dresses herself like Saroja Devi in a song and that is said to be one such highlighting feature in this film.

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