Actress Poorna’s indiscipline delays film’s release

Can’t exactly figure out what’s so disastrous caused by heroines of Kollywood? Earlier, Meera Jasmine was eliminated from Director Shankar’s project of ‘Andhapurathu Veedu’. Of course, Meera could’ve had got various reasons of delaying for shooting schedules. But, should be with actress Poorna whose just only one film ‘Muniyandi Moondram Vizhangiyal’ has hit the screens and her yet to release ‘Kodaikanal’ ready for release.

Speaking about actress Poorna, Producer of the film of ‘Kodaikanal’ Swarnalakshmi said, “Much before completing this project, Poorna hop-skipped to the other project and director of this film wanted to eliminate her from this film. Nevertheless, we thought her future would be spoiled and so we had to bear her. Shooting for the film got delayed for around 70 days and if she was there regular with accordance to schedules, then we could have completed our shooting without loss of amount”.