Actress Meenakshi insulted by Director Thirumalai

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Actress Meenakshi made her debut in a commendable way of homely girl looks in ‘Karuppasamy Kuthagaitharar’. But accidentally, she has stepped on for the glamorous quotients in her recent films ‘TN 07 AL 4777’ and ‘Rajathi Raja’. The actress had recently completed shooting for ‘Agam Puram’ starring opposite Shaam in female lead and Thirumalai has directed the film. After completing her call sheet schedules for this film, the actress rushed to catch her flight to Mumbai and unfortunately, she missed it. Immediately, she buzzed up Director Thirumalai and asked him to book tickets for the right next flight. But, he kept delaying everything and finally booked her tickets for night flight. Meenakshi had to wait for the entire day in airport.

Oh! What a pity Meenakshi?

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