Actor Vishal at J. Jayalalitha School


Actor Vishal had recently graced the occasion of Interschool Cultural Event. During this occasion, he addressed everyone saying, “I am glad to see the Interschool cultural events are happening every year in all the schools. Such occasions establish an individual’s inherent talent of everyone. It’s not just about the books, syllabus or text books that teaches us the value of life, but such great events as well. So I would like to ask you make use of such opportunities as I did. Forget about winning or losing for it takes lots of courage and confidence to participate. In many such own experiences, I just pat myself telling at least I have participated. I am happy to see that you have the best teachers and they are grooming you to be the best citizens in the society. We people outside this compound wall are waiting for you people after you have graduated to come and do something for the society. Many legends have come out of this school. One is our late CM Selvi J. Jayalalitha & another is my close friend Trisha. We are looking forward to our future Chief Ministers & many Trishas. All the best to your future, keep your confidence high and do what you want to do straight from your heart. Thank you so much for the opportunity”.

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