Actor Vijay in the production of Duet Movies

Prakash Raj was immersed in extremity of problems as he was getting banned from Tollywood. Immediately, everyone was astonished to see that Prakash Raj had given continuous 30 days call sheet to S.A. Chandrasekhar for the film ‘Pandhayam’. Sources said that it was because Prakash Raj had a wonderful role to perform in Chandrasekhar’s previous film ‘Dosth’ starring Sarath Kumar in lead role.

But, the fact was that S.A. Chandrasekhar had won the Producers Council Election and he had assured Prakash that he would get him out of his troubles in Tollywood. Also he had arranged for a meeting with Telugu Producers Council to settle the issue with Prakash Raj amicably. As a result, Prakash Raj has become closer with the family of S.A. Chandrasekhar and decided to produce Vijay’s 51st film under the banner of Duet Movies.

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