Actor RK pinned with more hope on ‘Azhagar Malai’

With the film’s audio released recently, Actor RK had hosted a press meet for more interaction with media channels. He was more successful with his debut strike as a protagonist in ‘Ellam Avan Seyal’. This film features him in the role of a drunkard who’s running here and there with comedic notorious acts. Vadivelu would be present all throughout the film and his comedy quotients are yet more embellishing the film. Usually, Vadivelu doesn’t sign up schedules for more than 5 days, but he had given 15 days for this film.

Well, getting on about Baanu, RK added that he’s so sure that soon after the film’s release, the girl will have whole lot of offers as well fans following her. Moreover, Ilayaraja himself appearing for the title song will make the film more attractive in terms of entertainment… The film will get released by this month and there are RK has lots of hopes pinned on this film…

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