Actor Govinda slaps the Director

Bollywood Actor is very famous known for his stupendous dance and perhaps for one more thing: Slapping. Yes, Govinda is a short tempered person who loses out his control and starts hitting everyone. Earlier, he had slapped one of his fans in the shooting spot and this time, film director becomes the victim. On the shooting sets of ‘Run Bohla Run’ at Gaurgon directed by Neeraj Vohra, a scene was placed where actor Aryan had to slap Govinda.

Well, hell broke out of the roof when Aryan slapped Govinda with such a force. Immediately, Govinda approached Director Neeraj Vohra, slapped him and went out of sets. Later Raj Mehta, producer of the film buzzed about Govinda’s elder brother Keerthi Kumar and reported about the situation. Immediately Keerthi settled the issue amicably and Govinda apologized for his misdeed. When media channels asked about this to Govinda, he refused saying that nothing situation had really happened…

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