Ace filmmaker’s appraisals on Lekha Rathna Kumar

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Popularity for Lekha Sonoton has been rapidly rising to greater peaks within short period of time. Mr. Lekha Rathna Kumar is the man behind it for his stunning collections of instrumentations. At the moment, the musical collections are being rendered for various upcoming flicks of veteran ace filmmakers including Bhagyaraj. Recently, Music Director Vidhyasagar had visited the library and got filled with astonishment after getting to get through various collections. Also, he has been assertive to Rathna Kumar’s approach of working together for his next flicks.

Of course, above all there goes great news. Kollywood’s evergreen ace filmmaker Mahendran had recently made his visit to Lekha RathnaKumar’s library. It wasn’t just words of appreciation, but he personally penned letter exclusively to Kollywood Today about his journey to various collections. ‘Visiting RathnaKumar’s library is something of a lucky aspect and I feel it as a pilgrimage. Producers should make a clear thought that getting into such ways is something very profitable for them. Within short period of time, the entire film industry would be privileged of using such features’.

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