Abhi-Ash to come together again


If rumours are to be believed, Himesh Reshammiya’s next production will star Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan together again. Himesh, who wants to produce the remake of Shekhar Kapur’s Masoom, is keen to cast Abhi-Ash in the lead roles played by Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi in the original.
Sources revealed, “Himesh has asked National Award-winner Bedabrata Pain to direct the remake and Gulzar saab is writing the screenplay and the songs. The project is just waiting for a nod from the Bachchans to get rolling.”
Masoom is based on the book Man, Woman And Child and dealt with a child from an extra-marital relationship. It would be nice to see the Junior Bachchan couple to play such intense roles with each other. They were seen together earlier Mani Ratnam’s Guru and Raavan.

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