Aamir Khan’s stunning looks in Ghajini

Why do our guys like Vishal, Surya and Jeyam Ravi working on 6-packs get a pathetic dampened look on their face? Take a look over faces of these guys before working on abs and now, you would find the difference.

But Aamir Khan overbeats these guys so stunningly… Most of these young lads in Kollywood had used their managers and PROs to spread through the word of mouth as if they have worked on wonder (just developing 6 packs). Fine! It’s toughest task of developing it and same thing applies to Bollywood guys too.

But, Aamir Khan didn’t ever let a word out about his 6-packs or any picture regarding. He was spotted with simple looks when he appeared for public events. And now, he is sizzling with the 6-pack looks. ‘Wordless’, ‘Mind Blowing’, ‘Awesome’ and put the best words of appraisals for this guy…

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