Aamir Khan, the Biggest Copycat

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Quite shocking as well surprising has been this fact. With Aamir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par striding all the way to Official nominations in the category of Best Foreign Language, the actor has been stuck with a disaster. One of the leading Mathematician and author Shakunthala Devi has been enraged with the statement that the actor has copied her works. Speaking about this, Shakunthala Devi said that most of the sequences in the film have been the exact replica of words in her novel. Also added that it was her friends who had brought this issue under the spotlights and also said that she has no idea of lodging complaint against Aamir Khan.

Shakunthala Devi has precisely totted up that Aamir Khan wouldn’t fail in giving a good reply to this issue. In fact, Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood should be thinking about a good reply answering to the occasion. Is Aamir Khan a greatest filmmaker or a biggest copycat would be soon revealed with his statement…

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